I woke up today with a happy heart, thankful for the restful night of sleep. Grateful for opening my eyes to face another day of GOD's love. And so with a prayer in my heart, i wish this day finds you all well and ever as grateful as i am.

Last week, my special someone's father passed away, it was followed by the h1n1 scare at my sis' school in which classes were suspended due to 5 students affected, i was so scared for my sis, it was very alarming. Then also, my friend gave birth @ her 7th month of pregnancy so it was premature and unfortunately, the baby died.

They are in pain, so as i. I always want happiness for the people i love. But God has reasons, sometimes God takes away certain people in our lives, who makes us happy but he doesn't take away hope when he puts us to the test. Trials are meant to make us better persons. We can only tell them to move on, go on w/ life though we know it will take them a lifetime to be ok.

There's always plenty of reasons to be thankful for each brand new day God has given us. Have a nice day!

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