Pizza – Eat All U Can!

At the SM Atrium (Baguio), unveiling of the Largest Pizza w/ an estimated diameter of 23 to 25 feet. with the collaborative efforts of different pizza restaurants in the city, headed by Baguio Country Club, Le Chef at the Manor, Greenwich Pizza and Manor Restaurant. This is one of the highlights of Baguio City's  Tourism Week.

I had a very lazy sunday. Slept all day. Got up and polished my nails and did some simple nail arts. After that, I get back to bed hahaha. (That's how lazy it was )…

Nail ArtsNail ArtsPurple FrostNail Arts

Am not sure if today is holiday again … Hope it is ^_^

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8 responses to “Pizza – Eat All U Can!

  1. I wanna eat pizza now! Ha but seriously I love pizza, it's my guilty pleasure (amongst some other things ^o^).
    I loooove your nails! I've never been able to do more than paint mine.

  2. I seldom eat pizza, but when i saw this very large pizza, i was drooling and I wanna eat it!
    Thanks , that is the most simple nail arts i guess. But it's very fun doing it. I started plain polish before, then i tried those nail arts glitters. I'm already happy w/ it until i knew that there's more that juz glitters ^_^

  3. Hi, Horia. I am not so sure if it is the Biggest in the world. So far, i've read online there is 20 feet long Pizza,too. And this one is 23 to 25 feet in diameter. This event was in SM in Baguio City (Philippines) for the City's Tourism Week and participated by famous Pizza stores in the country.

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