BVLGARI Shower Gel…

I'm running out of Shower Gel. Finally, I can use J & J Body Wash , That one i've seen on commercial hehehe… ^_^

This is the one i'm using : ( A few left on the bottle, abt an inch when i measured :))


And also, empty hand sanitizer (my gudness, been so lazy checking stuffs lately- well, these past months). My head was juz super busy thinking w/ some more important things that they are.



Other variants worth a try




….. Arrrgghhh, Sleepy and so bored. I don't know if i have to be happy because finally, finally, i received a Special Message i always longed for… mixed emotions, happy and sad at the same time. *sigh* .. But as they say ..


" Tomorrow is another day! … and someone added ->> And another day is Tommorow.. >_<

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