Crabby Afternoon

These tiny lil crabs were sent during lunch ^_^ I forgot what they called it but to make it simple let's juz call it Little Crabs. We dipped it in soysauce w/ calamansi, it was yummy. While XiLa dipped it in vinegar ( i think the baby in her tummy luv it that way)…I am not so good in eating it(i mean, the right way) so complicated hahaha, but they helped me.

The Laugh Song by Si Qian Jin (in their childhood yrs) -  Enjoy!

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18 responses to “Crabby Afternoon

  1. Agree. Calamansi is best w/ soysauce (for me) i always like it that way. Any fried dishes will surely taste good when dipped w/ it ^_^Ohh…am sure they got huge crabs ^_^ I think all seafood in Palawan are surely Delicious and Fresh.

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