The Weekend and the Nail Extensions ^_^

Early this morning had been a busy one – cleaning nails ^_^  while watching *Kimmy Dora* online – though we have already seen it on theater last week . It's juz so funny that we want to watch it again – and again …..

Last night, I was at the mall and went to the cosmetic section – found nail extensions ( Yes, they already have it – back then, they only got those flower nail accessory which i always use for a simple nail art – I'm a beginner ). There are so many lovely designs but i don't know why i ended up picking this one:



But i was still happy and can't wait to try them on my nails. So earlier, we decided to use it. And i didn't know it could be this complicated- from cleaning , to putting nail glue – and then placing the artificial nails, and it always slipped! We first tried on thumb, and it looked good – now i tried pressing keys on my fone w/ my thumb (w/nail extension) and it slipped- again!… Arrggghhh !!! So I decided, removing it and go one w/ my regular nail polish and manually putting nail accesory :(  ( w/ same *Eu de Rose* polish and nail accessory- then the sheer polish)..

Hmmmm.. Maybe some other time – When i am so freeee ! – enough time and Patience – It's like today's everything is a rush. I am happy w/ my nails now ~


….. tonite i'll be out of town , it's my fathers birthday and so I'll be home ^_^

We had kinilaw for lunch and then we ate *Marang*

Image138Image139Marang Fruits

That's all for now. Happy Birthday to my father ^_^ Love ya and See u all tonite^_^

Happy Weekend to all !

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10 responses to “The Weekend and the Nail Extensions ^_^

  1. I love those nail extensions! They are really cute, I hope you'll have time to put them on some day (I understand that it'll take a lot of time and patience to do that). And your usual nail art is *pretty* too!
    And…Happy Birthday to your father!

  2. Thanks, Sofia. Yeah , i thought it was that easy, my gudness, first try, failed hahaha. My friend told me, maybe it slipped due to the top coat , the nail glue don't stick w/ it. But i only put a lil nail glue as on the instruction, but i think one drop on the center is not enuf. But am scared of putting nail glue all over the artificial nails. It will be a problem when u need to remove them. Someday, somehow ^_^ …And thanks for the greeting , we all had fun!

  3. Hm…that does sound quite complicated. You want it to stick, but just as you said not to well because then it'll be a huge problem (I imagine) when they need to come off. There's an art to putting on nail extensions, I'm's just a matter of learning ^_^
    You're welcome. I'm glad you had fun.

  4. Yeah – not the right time yet … Have to find out where to get those artificial nail removers – I can see it on the label. I am juz confused w/ the removing instruction – something like, file and trim b4 u can remove it then dun force to pull it , etc.. so that scares me. It's like, even removing it is complicated ~ So have to be very very careful.

  5. Gees that sounds complicated indeed. I will think a few times before I try nail extensions, if it's that hard to get them of afterwards. I mean you don't want to pull to hard and Oops! there went the real nail too. Painful (!). Hm…

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