Meet Ling-Ling ^_^

So this is to sum up my Sunday activity on the beach yesterday and how naughty this 2 yrs.old girl was ^_^ from playing w/ my hair to pinching my arm and baby coleen's cheek –
w/ Lil Ms. Naughty   ~ Celine, 2^_^Image221^_^DSC04669Beach_Oct.4Beach_Oct4^_^Lil Miss Naughty ^_^The Sexy Preggy!DSC04640DSC04639

And how she waved happily to this plane…. ( even if it's so far far away)

And it left me pain in my arms as I'm carrying her all the time, and even to the waters >_<

****Oh… and i think this is my happiest Monday ~ after 2 months ^_^ My marshmallow baby-love is back !***

Happy Monday!

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9 responses to “Meet Ling-Ling ^_^

  1. Ooooo she is so cute! I love how innocently children play (as long as I don't have to participate, for some reason I'm no good with kids), it's important that they keep that as long as possible…since the reality will catch up sooner or later anyway.

  2. ohh ~ I Super duper love kids ( babies, included). Especially those talkative lil ones hehehe. I really feel so happy when I see them. I often called myself a *fairy godmother*~ since I am a godmother of 9 children ( 1 baby and 8 kids like 2-3 yrs old).. So it's really fun being w/ them ^_^And ling-ling, when i met her she was so snubbed. But a few hrs she talked a lot and started pinching my arm lol and played w/ my hair ~ and laughed a lot!

  3. I'm really impressed with people that's good with children. It's a very good quality to have, I truly think so. Oh that so sweet, you certainly are a fairy godmother. 9 children! You're going to be an amazing mum when thay day comes!
    Kids really are so cute when they laugh, it must be the purest kind of happiness in the world.

  4. Ur right ~ And no matter how tired u are, seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter will chase those stress away. And maybe because i am so child at heart that makes it easy to interact w/ these kids. And it really made me so happy ^_^ Thank U.

  5. Thank U ^_^ I Love Kids so much. I really have fun being w/ them~ juz playing and laughing , i truly enjoyed w/ so much happiness inside me.I only have 1 niece and she is 2 yrs old. But we live in different city so I can really spend lots of time w/ her but i always wanted to.

  6. A~h *kawaii*!!…I watch one of my nieces sometimes~ and I think she's coming over to visit this weekend which is always an adventure! She has so much energy that she tires me out but still it's a lot of fun~! (*´∀`*)

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