♥ 3 Kittens says Hello to the World! ♥

Earlier today, i got to see those 3 kittens that my staff kept. This is the first time they were brought out from the Staff room. They put them outside , under the sun ☼ ^_^ .. I was teasing one staff, to buy a small toy truck , so the kittens can ride on it since they can't walk yet, and can only do a lil crawling and still difficult for them to open their eyes. They were only weeks old ~ still so tiny and weak… and few days from their birth, their mommy died ( was hit by a car ) and only my staffs taking care of them, and feed them as well.


☼Red Hot☼ by *Rain*


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7 responses to “♥ 3 Kittens says Hello to the World! ♥

  1. I really hope so, Beeeze.. For 2 weeks now, they r only fed w/ milk.
    and sometimes, my staffs even forgot due some work. It happened
    earlier, they r i guess not so tired and brought the kittens out. And I
    run to see them. Thanks!

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