♥Listen♫ & Be Inspired♥ [ Thoughts and Songs of L♥Ve and Healing]

I was listening to Kris Aquino ♫Songs of Love and Healing♫ album, and I really find these so inspiring. It was really worth listening♥

~ Here are the thoughts and the songs that corresponds to each of them.~

Thoughts : *Treasure* ; Song: *You*

♥Treasure♥ ♫ You♫

Thoughts : *Love Again* ; Song : *What Matters Most*

" Did anybody you loved so deeply leave you?
Did that person die? Or did you drift apart?
Do you  have regrets? Given a choice knowing it had to end?
Would you still choose to love?
I've loved, and I've lost.
I've loved, and I've said goodbye.
I've loved and I've lived.
I've shared and I've hungered.
I've wounded and I have healed.
I… will love again and again and again".

Thoughts : *Search For Answers* ; Song : *InYour Eyes*

Thoughts : *Holding On* ; Song : *I Will Be Here*

Thoughts : *Perfection* ; Song : *Smile*

Thoughts : *A Promise* ; Song: *What A Wonderful World*

The Album has 23 tracks and only 6 thoughts, so i chose 6 tracks which are matched for each thoughts. All thoughts by *Kris Aquino* herself, and all songs performed by Misty Blue group ( which i am not familiar with) except Healing which was performed by *Jed Madela*.

Other Albums :

Kris Aquino ~ Love and inspirationKris Aquino ~ The Greatest Love

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