I got an early birthday present from *Defiant*. I decided not to open it yet til Sunday ^0^ ~ I was able to thank her and she told me it's so simple … I told her * as long as it's from the ♥ ** It's truly appreciated and means a lot to me [ and it's too early – but am not complaining ^0^…. This so simple thing yet sincerely given truly made me happy. I hope to see her soon – our schedules doesn't meet…

…awhile ago, a physical therapist came here for a demo. I had tried the thermal massagers for feet, arms, hands, and back which at first i was really giggling cuz it tickled my feet. I also got free shiatsu. The P.T. also gave some lectures, though i wasn't really paying attention to cause i was too busy with my babylove. It was so relaxing after ~ well for me who really don't go for even jogging or juz walking ~ am so lazy for those things …… >_< But anyway, thank u to the therapist … ^0^

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