~ The Sunset & the ButterflyƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~

To see a Butterfly on the beach is really weird for me , well because i don't see them a lot, and if i do, only those small ones out of nowhere.

While i was sitting on the pebbles and watching them swimming and enjoying the waters, kim shouted that there's a butterfly on top of Gladz's head. I quickly ran to the waters trying to see it and my sis was so alarmed and trying to get rid of that butterfly on her head, it fell to the waters. Well, i thought it's going to die, but when i tried to get near , it flew away. I saw it landed on another empty cottage~ luckily, when i checked, it's still there. Here it is ~


Sunset is so beautiful here, so i waited …



I wanna see the sun goes down but they are calling me already and we are going home >_<

So maybe next time [ this is the last pic from there ]…

Zai Jian!

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10 responses to “~ The Sunset & the ButterflyƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~

  1. *Beautiful* *beautiful* butterfly!! (*´∀`*)…so happy it's safe and wasn't hurt~! When I was little we used to have so many flying around our yard and in the neighborhood…but recently I don't see very many butterflies anymore (´⌒`。) It's so amazing how they're born ne~…I used to love playing with caterpillars and watching them become butterflies♥. Very *sweet* sunset~! ^ ^

  2. Thanks a Lot ~ ^_^ Yeah it was safe ~ i was afraid that my sis wud've hurt it while she's tapping her head and it fell to the waters. So relieved when it flew. It was really lovely one, I never get to see butterflies this size. And even those lil ones came out of nowhere , i see them not so often. And the sunset * it could be so nice if i saw it really goes down u know ~ it's like everyone was so hurry to go home and can't wait ~Thanks fro dropping by ^0^

  3. Those are really nice pictures! The sun against the water is real pretty, I love pictures like that. I always try to take photos with the suns reflection, but it's difficult to capture it…so good job!
    And the butterfly is really pretty, I wish we had such colorful ones in Sweden!

  4. ^0^ *Thank you*It's my first time to see a big butterfly w/ such colors, too.. and in the beach !!! Sunset was really nice there. i have seen so many pics of sunset in that same beach online. I always wanted to have my own sunset photos in there but that's all i've got~ if i would've juz stayed longer, then it wud be so pretty ~ But I am happy with it already. One thing I had missed is to lie in the pebble hahaha it's so hot unlike w/ the sands.

  5. *You're welcome* Butterflies are really nice insects (it's one of the few I actually like), I always feel happy when I see them.
    I can understand that you wanted to take your own photos of this place, it's really nice. You should be happy with the photos you got, they are very pretty. So true, pebbles do get really hot…but they are nice to lie on ^o^

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