LaZzzzzy Wednesday~

I am feeling so lazy today. Stay up late last nite trying to see a glimpse of those meteor showers despite of the fact that it’ll be difficult for us to see here due to intertropical convergence zone. And yeah, like what they’d told us, I didn’t see any >_< …

 Waking up still to a gloomy morning. And now rain is here once again ~!

                                         Anyway, Have a wonderful Wednesday ^_~

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12 responses to “LaZzzzzy Wednesday~

  1. Here, too. It's been raining these past few days. This morning the sun was out a bit behind the gloomy skies, but now it's raining again and i think this will be until tonight or in the coming days. There's a shallow low pressure in our area as seen on the live satellite image.

  2. Lazy days are really nice sometimes (I think at least), but it's too bad the weather is so nice. I can relate..the total number of sun hours in Lund in November was 4,9…(that's the Swedish winter for you). Hope the sun comes back soon ^_^
    Oh and happy Wednesday to you too!

  3. I love lazy days as well, lie in bed , watch tv, and while munching ur fave snax lol. Am not really a fan of sleeping or juz napping so for even if it's lazy one , my eyes are still wide open. awww.. *swedish winter* so nice to the ears. Luv it~!!yeah, hope so that the sun will come out soon. There are still things u can't do when it's raining. Now it's Friday and still raining. Another lazy day for sure.

  4. That sounds so nice ^_^ I like napping a lot (as I suppose you have noticed on my blog) but only in the afternoons. If you're having a whole lazy day I'm most often bright awake too. Hi hi…yeah Swedish winter is nice when the weather is…as soon as the snow comes I will take tons of photos.
    True, there are things to do in the rain too. Fortunately, the sun has come back (for the time beeing at least) here though.
    Have a great Friday!

  5. yeah ! i noticed ^q^ i dunno, ever since i was a kid, i really hate napping in afternoons and until now , no matter how countless i yawn lol. That would be so wonderful , can't wait to see the photos ~♥♥♥It's getting dark here and still raining ~ Thank you and Enjoy ur Friday too~!

  6. Hi hi…I figured. I suppose we're just different people. Not everone likes napping (I didn't like it when I was a kid either though, but I grew into it..or something). I'm hoping that I will be able to take some too, the winter is much nicer when there is snow.
    Ah…that's bad when you have to go out into it, but when you get to stay inside it's quite nice I think… ^_^

  7. Yeah, looking forward to those pictures ^q^And fortunately, i dun like going out when it's raining and especially night time. Am usually home during those times. And, I had wonderful sleep last night cuz of the rain :p but still another rainy Saturday now~!!

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