Hello, Sunshine ☼ ~!!! ^q^

The storm has finally moved away. The sun, after a week of hiding is finally out.

The weather now is warm and while the wind blows makes it more relaxing. 


As you can see, this area still had floods but hoping it will subside later or in the coming days.

Have a wonderful Thursday~!

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10 responses to “Hello, Sunshine ☼ ~!!! ^q^

  1. I'm happy that the sun is back ^_^…actually it is here in Sweden too (for now at least). It's always such a happy feeling when you look outside and see it shining on a blue sky.
    Have a wonderful Thursday you too!

  2. That's true~! Today , the sun is really so bright and I don't know if I'm going to be happy about it 'cause it's so hot outside. And now, i was like asking for a little rain ^q^ but not complaining. I have to smile back to the *sun* ☼

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