Another Sunny Day ~ Friday~!!! ☼☼☼♥

Happy Friday~! The sun is so bright today. I feel like burning if I’ll go outside. I spent the whole morning w/ my babylove and then I had my lunch *grilled chicken* which was bought in that new grill house in the corner juz beside also the new Pizza store called *calda pizza* ^q^



Sun @ 2:11 pm ~ SO hot ~!!!!!!!! >_< Makes me want rain for seconds.

Also, some of my VOX neighbors celebrated their Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


Have a Fantastic Friday~!!!


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6 responses to “Another Sunny Day ~ Friday~!!! ☼☼☼♥

  1. It was a sunny day here most of the day. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow too, with a high of about 60 degrees, which is very warm for this time of year.

    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. Yay!

    Have a wonderful Friday!!

  2. That's really so warm. Better stay home ^0^ Glad u had a wonderful Thanksgiving w/ ur family , yay for U~!! ^q^It's past 3pm now, and weather is fine. Thank you so much for dropping by and Have a wonderful Friday as well~! ♥

  3. Wife and I had a great thanksgiving at my sister's. Ham, Turkey, a lot of interesting vegetables…..Including zuchini cooked with squash and possibly brown sugar. A lot of different desserts. I did not get to sample the, pinapple upside down pie…..ginger snaps with a pumpkin spread…..Peach Pie… pieces on a plate that wasn't a pie but looked great, Pear pie….Sweet cream for those who wanted to add vanilla….a little sugar…..and whip it……All kinds of liquids…..A lot of interesting people and conversation……Glad it went well for you….Another holiday….with good people…..and easy travel…..Peace Tony

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