LSS : ♥18sai no Kisetsu ♥.

~Last Song Syndrome : *18sai no Kisetsu* by Mano Erina~
Sounds *Fun & Cute* Thanks to MB for the title translation as I heard it first on her blog.

18sai no Kisetsu
Mano Erina

Listening and having some snacks sent by a friend ^q^

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4 responses to “LSS : ♥18sai no Kisetsu ♥.

  1. A~h! you made me smile~* so much today~!! (*´∀`*) You're so wonderful to share Manoeri♥….Y~um! spaghetti!!..I so miss pizza ever since I became lactose intolerant (;´□`)!!I hope your day's been *wonderful!~*!

  2. ~Thank you so much~!! Am glad i made u smiled. I think it was love at first listen? hehehe. I had listened to all her songs from that album *friends*, I liked her songs there too. *18sai no kisetsu* has been played all day and now to start my day~!!…and as my *message alert tune* also ^q^ thank u so much♥Ah..the snacks were sent by a friend, love the spaghetti but not so much of a fan for pizza :PHave a wonderful day as well~!! ^q^

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