There’s still some *GOOD* in the morning…^q^

It’s a beautiful morning~!!


One bad thing I had done earlier was broke a glass, but unintentionally …. Uhmmm, seems a bad luck for me? Hope not… It’s just am too clumsy while getting the glass as my eyes was on the TV >.< and tomorrow nite is our *year-end*party ~ I'm going to practice walking…. w/ my heels♥

perhaps, i'm gonna bring bunny slippers w/ me ^q^

Ling Ling was also here last night, her dad told me she wanted to thank me for the Christmas gift ^q^ but … seems so snubbed when she saw me ^q^~


~~ May we all have a Wonderful Thursday~~


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10 responses to “There’s still some *GOOD* in the morning…^q^

  1. Yeah, the clouds so pretty, i really love it ^q^ Too bad now it's all thick clouds but super blue sky…and the shoes, uhmm, against my will, not really happy abt it as I was supposed to buy green one cuz i wanted to be in *green* but unfortunately i had bought a different dress so then the i chose this one, i think it matches.*haiz*Thank you so much, beeeze~!!

  2. Hmm…bunny slippers~* comfortable and cute♥! I have a difficult time walking in heels for very long~ (´⌒`。)。。。those clouds have an interesting pattern ne~ ^ ^。It's the 30 there already?…Hawaii, always a day behind (人∀`*)

  3. *bunny slippers* are always comfortable, and yeah w/ so much designs makes it *cute ^q^ but it'll be so funny to wear it in party. Me too, i can't stand long walks w/ heels >.< And the *clouds* really so nice, like feathers in the sky.. It's 30th here already, 1 more day til 2010 ^q^

  4. Everything happens in Hawaii last~ (;´□`)。。。a~h bunny slippers maybe should stay home but it'd be so adorable~♥ (*´∀`*) but really strange at a're right~ ^ ^!Only if it's really dressy~* where I'm going I'll wear heels but sometimes I'll go back to my car and change a little later~. I'm still thinking of resolutions….

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