My Tuesday ~ Rain & Music …

It’s been raining for few days now…. 

And time for my umbrella to come out (as it can only be use when it’s raining)..

But then, everywhere is kinda messy …. And expect the day to be so lazy ^q^ And yes, I am so *LAZY* to blog lately. I am so *thankful* for those people who still dropped by my page~!!

Playing random songs :

The original version was *Daniel Beddingfield*… I liked Nikki’s version more 🙂 From the album *Hear My Heart*.

The same month last year when i began liking this song as it was a movie soundtrack w/ the same title but sung by a different artist. From her album *Heartfelt*.


Hope you enjoy the songs  ^q^  as the rain is pouring hard now~!!!

Happy Tuesday~!!!

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