Kahimunan Festival

One can notice the similarity of the Kahimunan Festival to that of the other Philippine festivals celebrated around the country as the celebration is a blend of Christian traditions and pre-Hispanic culture. Many visitors and tourist flock the city resulting in full bookings of hotels and inns. These visitors and tourists come from different places in the Philippines and from other countries with the single purpose of experiencing the sights and sounds of the Kahimunan Festival. Below is the winning group (2009) from Surigao City.

At the height of the Kahimunan Festival, the streets are filled with participants dancing to native and exotic music and dressed in colorful costumes. The rest of the residents decorate the streets with colorful ornaments such as baskets, flowers, and other decorations made of colorful straws and strings.

If no rain, then I can go out and watch ^q^

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