LSS :I Started A Joke~♪

This song is my LSS for today. Originally sung by *Bee Gees*, but i like her version more ^q^
From the album *The 5th Season* which was released last year. Enjoy~♪♪♪~!!!

10. I Started A Joke
Zhang Shao Han

Track List:

1) 第5季 (diji)
2) 白白的 (bai bai de)
3) 看得最远的地方 (kan de zui yuan de de fang)
4) 幸运之吻 (xing yun zhi wen)
5) 摇摆头 (yao bai tou)
6) 偶尔 (ou er)
7) 我要你的 (wo yao ni de)
8) 寻找爱蜜莉 (xun zhao ai mi li)
9) 再快乐一点 (zai kuai le yi dian)
10) I Started A Joke

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11 responses to “LSS :I Started A Joke~♪

  1. Listening to Zhang Shao Han's version now ♪~♪~*。。I know only some Bee Gee's songs but this song is really really catchy~♥!! and her vocals are so powerful with *feeling~*! She sings with no accent noticeable either and she's really *pretty~* too (*´∀`*)。One of my most favorite♥ Bee Gees songs is "Too much heaven" and I really love M2M's version…I have their CD somewhere…I should really find it o(*´∀`)o゛♥。

  2. I am so late to see this comment ~ I agree, her version is really so powerful and yes, w/ so much feeling…that will move u.Ah..*too much heaven* i know that song, and yes, the m2m version was nice, I didn't have the cd but i have the cassette tape , which i got way back my high school years, which i posted here and i still have it til now 🙂 but kept in box.

  3. ~Ah~! you have the m2m version too~♥!! This song is just so perfect~*..and the chorus is most beautiful♥ and sweet even with the bitter sweet lyrics? ^ ^♥ Nnn please don't apologize (._.;)..I've had Vox not deliver notifications too and I'll feel badly if you do… I've been a bit busy recently so I'm really the worst when it comes to replying late…I used to be able to reply quickly but now sometimes I can't be online as often as I'd like to be (;_;).

  4. Yes ^q^ all the songs in their album were so nice♥i think the lyrics were rewritten as to the first few lines of the song ~ at first, i was thinking which was is * too much heaven* the title was * Our Song*.. and such a beautiful song despite such lyrics.Yeah, i had few delayed notifications lately, or much were undelivered. Am sorry for the lesser time online ~ I understand, sometimes, there are also things to do outside or maybe some work.

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