Lake Tour : Almont Lake Resort – Lake Mainit

I know these photos are kinda old? But still I intended to share ^q^. This was at Almont Lake Resort as we go on a Lake Tour of the 4th largest Lake in the country, The Lake Mainit. It was unplanned and we go there in a rush. We arrived then on a wrong destination and so lucky they didn’t kick me as I was leading them. Fortunately, a woman helped us to go to the exact location ^q^ So the whole morning of that day was being wasted in looking for the right directions. We then got there by lunch and eat & enjoy the view and the lake ~!!

It is situated on Lake Mainit, the fourth largest lake in the Philippines. The resort offers a panoramic Lakeview that covers more than 72,000 hectares. It is an ideal destination for urbanites opting for a relaxing, short and accessible getaway. Found in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte, and become the favorite stop for travelers between the connecting cities.


The lakeside resort has 9 clean and comfortable rooms with all the amenities. Their 24 hour guest services office can provide you the needed airport transfer from the nearest airport as pre-arranged. There are also packages that include complimentary breakfast.

Almont Lake ResortDSC00362DSC00360DSC00327

The Kitcharao Grill, the main restaurant, offers al fresco dining that overlooks the grandeur of Lake Mainit. It has a menu that caters to all ages, including freshwater seafood. Or if you opt to bring your own food u will then have to pay the corkage which is PhP500 ( $10 at least).

For a unique way of exploring the Lake, one can dine on Arao, a trimaran floating restaurant. This dining experience brings guests to select spots where one can enjoy the vastness and beauty of the lake.

To discover and appreciate the lake at your own leisurely pace, there are kayaks, speedboat, aquabike and fishing gear available.

DSC00302~aqua bike~

The resort offers meeting and banquet facilities. The lake makes a perfect backdrop for romantic weddings, birthday parties and family reunions. For business, it offers a convenient and cost-effective halfway meeting or seminar venue. Or just for having fun~! 🙂


DSC00281DSC00278DSC00272W/ my Staffs :)DSC00247DSC00239DSC00222DSC00204

Lake Mainit- Almont Lake ResortDSC00243Lake Mainit

The photo below is the *wrong destination* place.

Till our next visit? Zai jian~!!

I have included photos of the Lake while on the way ~ home ( 5/21/09) viewed from window 🙂

* selected photos only : i hope they won't kick me for posting them 🙂

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