Rotating Brown.outs~!

Yes, we are having series of brown outs since last week and it'll continue for the entire month, or maybe April and will be better by May @.@ frustrating as we can't do anything about it. Not only it will affect our daily activities but mostly to the industrial based companies. The demand is higher than the supply so there is a shortfall. It usually started 10am daily ~ yes daily~!! and lasted for hours, usually power is back by 5pm.. sometimes they will shut down again by night time ( and has already affected my tv habits at nite ). I can't imagine – April/May *sigh* ~

……………and this is how the day ended ~♥ taken few minutes ago ^q^


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2 responses to “Rotating Brown.outs~!

  1. OMG that makes me remember something that happened here. The supply of electric energy is globalized in Europe meanwhile. A newbuilt ship left the shipyard for the first sea trial at the north sea and caused a short circuit when it contacted a high voltage line. Some parts of Euope (on an axle from western parts of Germany over to parts of Belgium, France and northern parts of Spain) or in other words 20.000.000 people lived to see a BLACKOUT for some hours. OK it has been only a short time – and hopefully will never happen again. The greed doesn't know any victims. Sad but true! All of us should take care of the ressources we still have (and I mean still). We can't lose in this case….Believe me it made me sad to read your words. My heart is with you all who are afflicted with the greed of the few who can't stop filling their bags with bucks!

  2. Thank you so much ~!! I'm really sad w/ what's happening these days, few months back they told us that the supply is higher than the demand so i don't quite understand. It wud be ok if only for an hour, but almost 8 hrs ~ it's worst!It's affecting business community so much ~ am really hoping it won't be that long as what they said. Especially in the coming Election Day.thank you so much once again for ur kind words and encouragement.

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