虎*~2010:Year of the Metal Tiger~*虎

虎 ~Hu Nian~

Chun Jie hao! Gong xi fa cai , wan shi ru yi, shen ti jian kang, sheng yi xing long.

Zhu ni wan de gao xing, zhu ni hao yun, zhu ni cheng gong!

Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Before We all usher the year of the

Tiger, I would like to wish each one of

you a Happy Chinese New Year~

May the year of the Tiger bring you all

lots of Luck. May those with families

live harmoniously with loving and care.

My other wishes will
be for all to have good wealth, health
and good smooth career path. Now we
can all CELEBRATE~! And with open
arms, we welcome the year of the TIGER~!!!

Cheers !!!!

~ C N Y ~


~Colors of 2010 are *Blue* and *Yellow*~

..and for some of you who have been curious about the background music♪ ~ to *inugami* who’s been liking it so much ~ Thank you so much and everyone, here it is :

Happy CNY and may all our dreams come true~!!♥♥♥

Xin Nian Kuai Le
Four Golden Princess



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24 responses to “虎*~2010:Year of the Metal Tiger~*虎

  1. My mom just received some Tiger towels celebrating the upcoming New Year…I was always curious as to the metal state or is it always metal? I hope the year of the tiger is most prosperous for everyone~! \(^o^)/☆

  2. Oh that's so nice ^q^ … It's not always the metal, there are also other elements which is the Water, Wood, Earth & Fire that corresponds to each year. These experts follows a cycle to predicts that this year shud be Metal or other. 2010 is predicted to of less water, so *blue* is one of it's color as it symbolized water. And yeah, May we all have a prosperous and Happy one~!! Thank U.

  3. Oh so the elements rotate..thank you for explaining~! ^ ^ I've only known the years by the animals which represent them so I've learned something new~! *Thank you~* o(*´∀`)o゛ It's interesting to read the characteristics of each year and then compare them to your family and friends~…they seem so accurate so often too~! It's like awww that is so much like you!!..then your friend denies it~!…(^q^)!

  4. Yeah, it's like that. The animals zodiac has 12 years cycle so u can already predict that by the next 12 yrs it's going to be Tiger year again ^q^I do that a lot too, especially when the year is about to end. It's not really that u have to believe it, but it will serve as a guide for you throughout the year. After all, it's still us who will make the best for our lives.

  5. I am stoked looking forward to this Tiger year. Pardon me, did you meant to put CNY Feb 14 2010? L.O.L., according to your link, if I have a baby tiger to match my sign then I avoid all burglaries. o . O Wish you and everyone a Healthy & Best Year from its decade!

  6. Thanks for dropping by ^q^.. CNY is on Feb.14 it supposed to be for the countdown timer but the timer was changed to the new year which is Jan.1. Tiger year officially starts Feb.14 anyway so i dun see any point to LOL?..

    Only U can make the best out of ur life, those are only signs and guides.
    May u have a happy 2010~!

  7. What sign are you? I'm a Fire Monkey! 😛 I think Morningberryz is a Rooster! ^^Each element and sign is in a 60 year cycle…facebook has an awesome Chinese Astrology App! 🙂

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