Rotating Brown.Outs : Worst~!!

And Longer~!!! We experienced 5-6 hrs in daytime and 8-10 hrs by night times which according to them will last 6 to 8 months. The water level of lake where the hydroelectric plant that generates electricity was installed is already lower than the critical level which causes more brown-outs. This is due to the El Niño phenomenon ~ help us pray for *rain* ~!! (More and more rain ~ I promise I won’t complain like always)..

I can’t imagine too much darkness around….


And I already missed so much of my tv time at night~!!



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6 responses to “Rotating Brown.Outs : Worst~!!

  1. It started last Feb so the 5-6 hrs of brownouts is like so normal for us na ^0^.. As long as it won't go off by nite – though we had experienced it as well for few days. Using the gen~set is so costly but needed. presidential bet? I'm not into so much politics like i care less of it.. But am choosing between Orange and Yellow ( haha, I dunno ) I wud want the *green* but it's under the administration? *sigh*

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