Funny when you fell on the chair and hit ur butt , while the people around you just asked what happened, pretending they didn't see it ………. I don't know if am gonna laugh or cry ^q^ Not my fault~! Either the pillow on the chair slipped, or the chair itself dun want me @.@ For now I am doing fine, lil ouchies on the back of my hips… but we'll see later! And still, wishing u all a very Happy Wednesday~!!♥♥

and unfortunately, DVR has not captured this moment, it was unplugged due to power interruptions for few hours. It's like this when i checked.

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2 responses to “Ouchieeee~!!

  1. I'm often regarded as the #1 klutz ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。。as I often do clumsy things around here…I hope you don't tend to bruise as much as I do and with really fair skin it just stands out that much more and looks so awful whenever I hurt myself (ノロ≦。)!I hope you're feeling okay~* ^ ^。

  2. Thanks, MB. I am very much fine ^q^ it's not that bad actually…lil ouchies on back of hips and in my butts hehe. I also tend to bruise easily so i am always careful hitting myself w/ hard objects. I understand having fair skin , bruises are so visible no matter how u'l try to cover it up 😉

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