^Pacquiao~Clottey : The Event ^

While everyone is so excited for Pacquiao~Clottey fight which will be aired tomorrow morning…….


They are also worried they might not be able to watch it if the rotating brown out schedule takes place~!Power companies advised : U can always watch the *Replay*…

"I Wouldn't want that~!!  >.<"

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6 responses to “^Pacquiao~Clottey : The Event ^

  1. I hope u can watch it ^q^ I am so eager to watch it so we're hoping power won't go off ( as we are experiencing 5-6 hrs daily brown.outs since Feb. and will continue 6-8 months more)..Watching the *replay* is always advised lol. Thanks 😉

  2. I don't watch boxing often but so many Pacquiao fans are here in Hawaii~♥!!! so there's lots of news coverage about him always~*…I do hope it wasn't affected by power outages =(!

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