Now who did it?

While the investigations are on-going. A raid took place in the crime site on that same day (march 16). While everyone is in chaos, a fire occurred which started at the crime site and burned down the residences in the entire area. The fire leads to General Alarm! Now who’s to blame? Police reports said though unverified yet, that after a shabu raid occurred in the house of a certain muslim, witnesses allegedly saw somebody threw a torch bottle full of gasoline that caused the fire to spread so swiftly.

Why the people in that area are all deaf and blind w/ what’s happening around them… we also found out a guy was also shot the other week in that same area.Does the fire was planned to divert the attention of everyone from the crime and the said raid? 

And another fire occurred around 1am today, as the sirens are waking us up. The third fire for this month >.< i heard 2 kids dies…. *sigh*… All in all the 2 big fires, according to the news razed 630 residential houses w/ an estimated damage of P20 million.   Is this all planned? I know and so sure the place where i am living is safe, but outside, i feel it's getting unsafer… And due to a severe dry spell, everyone should take extra precautions.


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6 responses to “Now who did it?

  1. Yes. I can't imagine how things are happening so quick and fast. The killing, the raid, the fire..and another fire…. seemed all planned … It's really very scary. That area is scary as many death incidents occurred there… Am far from the place but everyone should still be so careful. Thanks a lot.

  2. maybe if the person lang will cooperate to tell the truth the crime will be solve but they are afraid to be involved and if only we are so expert in forensic as others does maybe we already solved the crime

  3. as far as we all know, no death cases which happened in that area that was solved. I really don't know why… I understand what ur trying to say abt a witness being afraid to be involved. I think no one will risk their lives for some people they don't know..

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