Morning w/ Maui♥

Monday morning i woke up and took Maui out for a walk (it was a run..). But since he's chained , the more he runs, the more my arm was pulled. It was fun though~^q^ Maui is bigger now since the last time i saw him- that's 5 months ago..


And eating grasses?


And ….


rolled over the sand >.< grrrr ~

And then we walked back home..and tied him this pink hair clip..

And he don't like it …


Better without it ^q^


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8 responses to “Morning w/ Maui♥

  1. A~hhh I love dogs!!! We now have cats but when I was growing up we had dogs always♥. I love Maui as a name!!!….so cute and the island of Maui is most beautiful!! I wonder if there is a connection to Hawaii with Maui♥?

  2. Thank U ^q^ We have 1 cat, too. we had one dog when i was a kid, named Blackie. I grew up w/ him and he passed away in my early teens. Maui came as a super cute like a furry ball~ puppy. He's always so lovable and a very friendly dog that's why he's so loved by our old neighbors and new ones as well. Oh no, no connection w/ Maui Island in Hawaii ..hehehe. He was named after my name which is *Mau*..

  3. Oh no I was so so way off…sorry (*´艸`)。。so lucky~* you have both dogs and cats o(*´∀`)o゛♥。Losing any pet is truly so heartbreaking as they're truly a part of the family. "Mau" is very pretty~*….reminds me of "Mao" as in Inoue Mao such a beautiful and talented actress~ ^ ^。

  4. It's Ok ^q^ So really lucky to have them at home though i seldom see them now. They gave so much joy and happiness at home. Aww, am not familiar w/ that actress but yeah, she is such a pretty lady ( i had to Google). ^q^ Thanks a lot~!!

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