Spot me in the pic~!! ^^

My 2 yrs. old Niece *Zaki* draw this one last night. She told me it's her Mommy, Dada, me and sis ^q^ I am wondering where am i on the drawing …..♥♥♥

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7 responses to “Spot me in the pic~!! ^^

  1. She is precious and so is the picture!!! I cannot tell which one is you but question mark man (above) seems to be anxious to help you with this urgent problem, lololol!!

  2. Thanks , FS. She is really so precious ^q^ it was very fun being w/ her for 2 days. They are off to my parent's house for a few weeks vacation and then back to their place. It was like all aliens to me, but so nice to know that was in her mind, juz the outcome is different?Hahaha, yah another spam comments!

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