QotD: Job Love

What's the best thing about your job?

Sitting Pretty♥~most of the time ^q^

[except when i have important things to do outside..]

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18 responses to “QotD: Job Love

  1. Particularly the crap they post, their expressive profiles and their beautiful 'question mark'-avatars *lol*. I never thought that there are people around the web who waste their life in doing such jobs. I would like to know how they would answer this QotD. Make a JotD of it (J = joke)…

  2. Yah ^q^ That's me in my pink♥uniform. My job is only to enter registry cards on a database and supervised my working force. Well, most of the time if not sitting…there's fun talking, picture taking and most of all..eating heheh. :))

  3. Oh no! I used to be so tiny before this job – that's 5 yrs ago…And because of so much eating and sitting – less exercise or make it NO exercise made me gain so much weight over the years. I tried to go on diet lately but seems not working but still trying ^q^

  4. I can relate!! I don't know what the deal is with my weight but it has steadily climbed for the past year. I am hoping and praying that the docs find a medical reason 🙂

  5. I have been walking on the treadmill when I have the energy. One problem I have is that I cannot taste flavors because of my sinus infections so I keep eating, trying to get satisfied, which I cannot, because I cannot taste. (vicious cycle)

  6. If they can cure the infection in my sinuses, then I get some of my taste back. This has been an on and off again struggle for about 5 years.I don't walk much outside either. Thanks goodness we have a treadmill.

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