~Balanghai Festival~!!!

Butuan City, being a part of Mindanao, has long been establishing relations with the Srivijayan Empire since the tenth century. Butuan’s location on the coast has made it a trading point in Mindanao. Boats, or balangahais, are known to dock on the bay of Butuan mainly for trading between local inhabitants and those from the neighboring empire. An excavation during the 1970’s exposed these balanghais to the modern world, and these balanghais were found to be almost a thousand years old through carbon-dating.

The Balanghai Festival commemorates this historical event through a night of exotic performances, colorful costumes and the much-awaited floats. There are also contests, exhibits and other festivities during the said event. Balanghai Festival is celebrated during the third week of May, and also coincides with the feast of their patron saint, St Joseph.


~Happy Fiesta~!!!~

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14 responses to “~Balanghai Festival~!!!

  1. Actually, it's a month~long celebration. There are street parties nightly, as well as many activities around the city including Night markets and Carnivals. The fiesta is today~expect lots of food later hehehe!!! I missed going to the carnival last nyt due to the rain so we ended up at the cinema and watched a comedy film. But hopefully tonight we can ^q^ Thanks ~!!

  2. Usually, there are daily events u can go to, exhibits and concerts.. I'm glad they organized it so well. We have lots of festivals for the entire year in different places. Few months ago we had the Kahimunan Festival/2010 here too..

  3. Love the colorful outfits~* too and it's interesting to learn of other cultures and celebrations~*~~* where everyone can join in together. We have fun Hawaiian festivals here in Hawaii celebrating the island chains history and rulers from the past….and having only read about this history in school it's amazing to see these celebrations first hand. Have a most wonderful~* time ^ ^。

  4. Thank u, MB. We have lots of festivals for the entire year and usually they got the same costumes, colorful and bright ones like in here*.. I don't know much about the history of the country, maybe i was absent in the class hehehe~* but i know it's good when u know something about it.

  5. The sunflower designs are so so amazing in those photos!! That must have taken so much time and preparation to get ready for!! Must be fun to be a part of those festivals, I've always dreamed of riding upon a float (sigh…) ^ ^。

  6. Surely it takes a lot of time to have that concept but worth it, they won! It's really fun during festivals, everyone is happy and enjoying. I always wanted to be in a float too during festival parades hehehe, i remembered being in float in my grade school years for the Mr. & Ms. UN thing… ^q^

  7. Wow! I can totally see why!!…their outfits and designs are so elaborate and they immediately catch your eye~*! Oh so lucky you've gotten to ride in one…celebrations with floats and music are always so much fun to see!

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