New Month!!

Another month started! A lot of things happened last month, lots of happenings from Day 1 to 31st, which includes Happy and Sad ones. Some people needed to go…..some opted to stay… It has been a fun month as well due to festivals and carnivals since a lot of Festivals fall on May. I had also happy times w/ my family every time they visited me and when i was home. So Happily, looking forward to more wonderful days this month! ^q^

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11 responses to “New Month!!

  1. I hope June is a wonderful month for you!! My children are excited because they will be out of school. I hope that Patsy and Anna will have babysitting a lot to make money to pay for their trip with church to the beach. Chad will work in the kitchen at the college. Meg will hopefully get invited to swim with friends. We also go some, to friends pools, in the evenings, when the heat is not to much for me. What is your weather like in June?

  2. Our summer month has just ended and June will be back to school month! It will be a busy month for students ^q^ We expect much rain,too! Awww..a busy month for u and family then? But sounds really fun and exciting!

  3. Ah, different schedules in our countries. yes, the girls will be trying to get babysitting jobs or yard jobs to earn money. They want to go on a beach trip with the church. Meg is going to a different camp for a week and will swim and have fun. Chad will work at the college in the kitchen to earn money. But we will also take them to swim at the swimming pool that a friend has. Patsy and Anna will continue to work on learning to drive. Summer will go by too fast!

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