εїз~PiNK♥aholic84 turns 1~εїз

Today , my blog turns 1, yay!!


A roller coaster year for the both of us, a mixture of funny and sad moments, hellos and goodbyes, pain and suffering, smiles and laughters. A year which i can say, i developed and evolved into a real person.

I would like to say *Thank you* to all my vox neighbors for making me feel so at home here ^q^ to those who takes time to drop by and take time to read, most especially to Freedom and LBeeeze~* i can't thank you enough for making my blog so alive w/ ur comments, to my very first vox friend Sofia! and some i can't really remember as i have not seen them for quite awhile now….thank you all so much for ur friendship!

To everyone who are part of my growing flag counter and sitemeter, u know who you are and i hope one day u'll drop a line. Thank you so much ^_^ it made me so happy to see different flags and some i am not familiar with ;p

I am also grateful for being part of VOX front page early this year ^^to the one who suggested the post*thanks to u for making me experienced being on the culture page 😉


For comforting me and making me realized how beautiful and colorful my life is.

I am wishing and hoping that you will still accompany me in the coming months and years to come and I’ll always be looking forward to be sharing more of my life w/ you!


~下面是在我家附近的32人名單~ xie xie!!! ^_~ 

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16 responses to “εїз~PiNK♥aholic84 turns 1~εїз

  1. Congratulations on your blog turning one!
    I'm so happy that I've gotten to be a part of your journey here on Vox and I'm very glad that my word has meant something to you. You've been so nice to me (even though I've done some stupid things), I'm really happy that you started blogging here and I hope that you'll stay for a lot longer!

  2. ^q^ Thank you so much!!! I'm really so happy i met u here, and eversince day 1 i alwyas tell u that ;p It's not that u've done some stupid things , but u, being so true to urself ^^ Ur words mean so much and i'll always treasure them♥~Ah, I'm really looking forward to more months and years of blogging here ^^ and meeting more friends as well. Thank you so much dear♥!

  3. You're so so welcome! That's so sweet of you to say dear, it's a much nicer way to put it. I'm so happy that I met you too, you've always been honest with me and supported me, I'll always treasure that.
    That's great! I plan on staying for a long time and meet a lot more people as well, I'm happy that you're thinking the same. You're welcome again! And thanks to you as well!!!

  4. Wow, a year. That is wonderful!! You have been here longer than I have. I am so glad we are friends and I appreciate your comments as well. Your page always brightens my day with your songs and the hello kitty in her pink boots. Happy Vox Birthday, LaNg. Eat some yummy cupcakes for us!!!

  5. Thank you so much ^q^!!!! Who would've known it's been a year?!! It has been so painful when yahoo 360 shut down and I had to move and found my new home here on VOX~!! I am really glad we met here and so happy to know you enjoyed the songs i posted. Awww, thank you also for liking Hello♥Kitty~*she has always entertained everyone who dropped by w/ her music ;p..And i'm gonna eat lots of cupcakes♥ for everyone ( isn't it so good, i will be eating for everyone, heehee)..

  6. Thank you so much, Beeeeze! I'm so happy that u enjoyed all of them, that made my vox birthday a most special day,indeed ;p Looking forward for more fun posts that i can share to all of u and of course, more fun fun fun posts u can share to us ^^ !!!

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