~Skywalking~*…Sky Walk Extreme*Adventures~

Crown Regency *Sky Adventures* did not stopped at the Edge Coaster but also to Sky Walking and the Insanity Orbits.

Extending from the 40th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers is an inverted centrifuge that will spin passengers at up to three G's. Insanity Orbit is the 2nd ride of its kind in the world patterned after the famous Las Vegas' Stratosphere that pulls the riders out in escape proof seats to an angle of 70 degrees. With the name, I wonder if we'll go insane after the ride? >.< 可怕!!

Walk around the edge of the building while being tied to a safety harness. The Sky Walk Extreme will take you to a leisure trip at the sky and walk you on the clouds at the 37th floor.

Photo Credits : skyexperienceadventure.com

For Rates & Schedules, click here! ♥♥ Only @Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, Cebu !!

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