Photos from the past…

"Photographs are like broken pieces of the past. U can always see it, u can always think of it. But u can't bring back the feelings and emotions that the camera has once captured".


Photos are taken 5 years ago~*those were the days……….and I was still this tiny?!..>.< 我希望到現在為止我..
Taken somewhere in the beach w/ Lady X, we r eating in the Beach Hauz's Garage ;p

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6 responses to “Photos from the past…

  1. Thanks, FS. I was trying to look for some old photos and i found them a bit memorable ( my shirt and skirt were already given as they don't fit me anymore)!! I always enjoy the Beach~*one of my most fave place to relax & have fun ^q^ The 3 eating*pics are stolen shots, i was surprised to see them when my friend showed it to me that time.

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