Greener, better!

Who would thought that this plant would still be alive after all it’s leaves turned brown weeks ago~? Now new fresh green leaves grow, while the brown ones are below… ^q^


4 responses to “Greener, better!

  1. Wow, your blog is amazing!!! I love the way the stipes stay where they are when I scroll the middle section up and down. You have been working hard over here, learning your way around!!

    I love it when the new growth comes up from pants that look dead!! What a lovely shade of green!!

    • Thank u, FS. I was really playing so much w/ the header and background lol. Mixing and matching them~*though still searching for much better background and header to upload ;p

      The weather has been so hot in the past weeks that i think made the leaves withered. We’re all surprise to see new leaves growing and so green!!

  2. That’s so lucky! I would have given up on it whence it turned brown. But look, it’s so pretty now that it’s green again!
    Oh and, happy weekend!

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