It’s the thought that counts, always ^.^

Thanks to my staff~ Irene 🙂 She bought me this tumbler, she found it cute and she remembered me 😛 …And, Happy Weekend~!!


6 responses to “It’s the thought that counts, always ^.^

      • Hello Scorpio sister! I hope they remember your birthday too! ^^

        I am just so busy these days! Glad that you and Morningberryz are so advanced! Technically, WP is so advanced over Vox, but I miss the community feel that will be hard to replicate. I think it was the first blog for lot of people. I used to be on Tabulas, which was kind of the same idea, but not as fancy. I hear that it is still popular in the Philipines 😉

        You’re a great gal and if I can do anything for ya’ let me know! ❤

      • For sure they will always remember my birthday lol (cuz it’s a holiday!!) 🙂

        Aww, vox was my blog after y!360 shut down. And i felt so much at home there that I can write anything but too bad it shuts down too 😦 I’ve never heard of Tabulas >.< so i don't have idea abt it. 😀

  1. That’s why it’s so important to find a blog site that won’t disappear. “Free” is rapidly disappearing as companies can’t get backing for non-revenue generating sites anymore. Only the biggest companies or the ones with the best revenue making angles will survive.

    Yeah, wp charges for a lot of things, but that helps them stay alive and vibrant. I would have paid for Vox, but it’s too late now. I was hoping someone would buy Vox and charge for it, but no one wants a failed site these days.

    I was just reading that Microsoft even is abandoning their Live Blog! they are transitioning their users to WordPress! Hehe I was reading an excerpt from the Safari Books Online that said WP was was the jewel in the crown of the blogging crown. So I think we made the right choice.

    So many growth options (if needed)


    • Right ^.^ But I wouldn’t want to pay for a blog 😦 I only want to share fun & interesting happenings abt my life and some music and that’s it!

      Ah, I’ve read that too ( a bit of it, as u know i am lazy reader sometimes..) ^.^

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