Just Voted!

Today is our Local Elections. This time, we voted the old way. I went to the polling area early but not as fast as I expected. I was also surprised that most of the running candidates are my Parents friends..Well, Good Luck to them. Glad I’m done and we’ll just wait for the results soon ^.^

..and I also get to see my old neighbors 😛 and had Hi and Hellos with my Parents’ friends.


4 responses to “Just Voted!

  1. How exciting that you actually knew people that were running! You voted the old way? What is the old way? I hope that things go as you hope.

    • Yeah, I know them because it’s just local elections like in an area or the community where I used to live. And when we moved , I was not transferred so I am still voting in the same area and they used to be my neighbors. The old way which is voting manually on a ballot. Last May, our National Elections were automated. So far, it was peaceful hope it’ll end peacefully too.

      (other cities I’ve seen in news has killings w/ some candidates which is so scary..)

  2. That’s awful about the killings.

    Our election season here is almost over. I really hate it. Nothing but horrible, negative political ads. I can’t stand them. Most are lies. I just want it to be over.

    • Unfortunately, counting is still on going as it’s not as fast as Automated ones which were used last May for the National Elections. So hope the results will be accurate 😀

      It’s really sad to know about the killings. I thought it just happens mostly during national elections which involves high positions. Glad it was peaceful in our area. I agree, and it’s always dirty.

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