~My Birthday’s Beach Day~☼☼






For the rest of the selected photos, the photo album is just below~*


I had been to this place for couple of time already, and every time we’re here there’s always some changes…. like this floating cottage below.. I so wanted to go there but It’s occupied that time 😦





….We went there so early, and it was very peaceful and quiet… ^.^






It was a fun and wonderful day w/ my family , friends and relatives ( I’m not allowed to post their photos~)..I enjoyed so much even getting sunburns on my back 🙂


5 responses to “~My Birthday’s Beach Day~☼☼

    • Thanks a lot, beeeze ^.^ It was really a fun day not minding the sunburns >.<.. It's actually a floating cottage, it's occupied that time so we haven't get there and am sure it would be so relaxing to take a nap there 😛 and I saw how those teens enjoyed jumping to the waters from there while others just enjoying and eating. Too bad, hope next time I'll be able to go there too ^.^

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