::Eco Park Tour~*in photos::

It’s my first time to be in this place ^.^ We’ve had planned to be here last year but our schedules did not permit… So this is the day I and some of my staffs decided to visit this talk of the town mountain resort~*

These are some photos on the way~*


Then the information area where you’ll pay for the entrance which is PhP100 per person and PhP350 for the cottage~*It’s also filled with cool motorcycles or are they called big bikes? am not sure, but cool!


*~click below to view full album~*

From there, you’ll take a ride again on their service for few minutes on a rough, rough muddy road! It was a bit scary but FUN~!!

and here is the eco park itself~!

It’s almost lunch when we get there , so we then eat first! I’ve also seen a big cottage where everyone can eat w/out charge if we knew then we wouldn’t be renting our own~*


After eating, we go around the whole area to take pictures!!!

I took all of these~* ^.^

….of course, FUN FUN FUN in the Pool!! ( below is the adult pool)


…and since I can’t swim, I can’t be there 😛 I was in the kid’s pool~*



After the fun at the kid’s pool, it’s time to go! And we go around again for some more pictures~*

We then go back to the information area and took photos of the mountains that can be viewed from there..

Some photos on the way back~*

And……It was a fun trip and am so happy that everyone enjoyed and had so much fun!!


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