Light Up the City 2010 ~☼☼☼

Last night was the Annual lighting of the city and every big establishments around ^.^ So After work.. (Yes, we don’t have time to go home and at least change 😛 ) Before heading downtown, we dropped by at the mall as they had also lighted their giant Christmas tree~*So it’s like the Star is on the ceiling then goes down to the basement…Here’s some photos from there…



And we saw some Santa Costumes~*on sale!



Then hopped downtown! A lot of people of all ages went there, enjoying the lights, food and music♪~*in short, Crowded! >.<







8 responses to “Light Up the City 2010 ~☼☼☼

  1. The lights are fantastic. It looks like you had so much fun celebrating. We do not have a time to go and enjoy things in the city. Perhaps in the larger cities, here, they do. We do have the lighting of the huge Christmas Tree in New York and I saw that on TV.

    I hope December continues to be a fun time for you. You look great in the Santa jacket 🙂

    • Thank you so much, FS ^.^ Am so happy to see u back!! Lighting up the city happens yearly. It was fun but not the crowds of course, I tend not to go into crowded areas so we chose to just walk around, take pics than stay in one spot 😛 It was also not that colorful except that blue Christmas tree shaped lights..

      Oh no no..the girl in Santa jacket is not me , She’s like a younger sis to me! ^.^

  2. I love that it’s getting chillier now too and even in Hawaii where it’s always so warm xD….Ah~! the festivities there are so pretty!! The lighting of the Christmas tree always so special and so wonderful you could attend =). Just the other day I saw a large piece of Mr. & Mrs.’s Claus’ display on the freeway heading into town on this large trailer…and they always need a police escort as it’s so giant :O! Have a wonderful and warm Christmas♥ holiday…the shopping! shopping! shopping! =)

    • Hi, MB~ Yeah ^^ It’s a yearly even i don’t want to miss!

      I agree it’s getting colder these days and also it’s been raining a lot as well. Aww that must be so pretty to see those large Santa on display. Our park at the capitol grounds has been slowly decorated and maybe one of these days it will be finish and I am so excited to see it being lighted ^.^This park has all my childhood memories!

      Ah, the shopping….not to mention my godchildren and all kids dear to my heart~are expecting some presents!!

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