Last night…

..was at the Capitol Park w/ my dear♥family..It was all lighted, like in Disneyland heehee 😛 This park has all my childhood memories as we used to live near there for almost 20yrs and never had seen it lighted up that way. I was also surprised to see that there were lots of people and of course KIDS compared to the past days where there are only less than 10 >.<

So last night, It was publicly opened. It was also sort of babysitting my niece so I never got so much chance to take photos and some few ones taken my bro are in his cam and hopefully he’ll have time to transfer it to his laptop and share it w/ me 😛 I’ll surely go back there before Christmas or when I get enough time and take photos again ^.^

We all slept late so everyone’s still asleep by now – glad I’m not that lazy today~* Happy Weekend!