:: Out of Town::

Good Morning Everyone ^.^ It’s 4.30am, Yeah…I woke up this early cause we’ll be leaving by 5.30 and still need to fix other things. And u know when u say 5.30 it became 6 or even 7! So they’re just making sure that I’ll be there on time 🙂

We’ll be going to what they called The Rocky Tent City, why, I do not know. But I will check if there are lots of rocks there ^. ^ Uhmm, I’m just trying to be kind to myself and wanted to relax for a little while. Giving myself a break and have this day as a special treat and hoping the sun will give us a wonderful smile ahead!

So, Happy Sunday and see yah later ^.^ 再見~!! 


4 responses to “:: Out of Town::

    • Hi beeeze. I am back already last night and the weather was worst. We tried to enjoy it there despite so much rain that really ruins the beauty of the place and the ocean as well. Still, it was a wonderful experience to be there.

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