Raining like crazy~!

Our outing yesterday was fun despite the bad weather. We’re so disappointed w/ the weather but we can’t just frown there the whole time. We also can’t just go around the place because some areas were slippery and we’re always reminded to be extra careful as an accident happened there last month. And yes, there are lots of rocks there – so rocky!! And, big rocks, u know 😛

So, there’s eating, others drinking… Playing w/ baby mic~mic ^. ^ And like everyone had their moment of slipping everywhere lol. Lucky ME!! Yeah, I was just sitting somewhere and busy w/ my fone♥.

One time, the rain stopped, we all went out for pictures and u know it’s always better when there’s a sunlight and blue sky and will make the sea really nice!! Of course, the place is nice, but so nicer in good weather! After that moment, here comes the heavy rain again and we’d run back to out cottage. Rain didn’t stop until we left the place, in fact, worst!

And worst today, as it’s so windy and it’s already flooding in streets. Hope this Low Pressure will go away and weather will be much nicer soon!!



4 responses to “Raining like crazy~!

  1. Be careful and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

    We’re supposed to get a huge ice storm all day tomorrow and then it’s supposed to turn to snow. We may get as much as a foot of snow after an inch of ice. During all of this we are supposed to also have thunder. I hope we don’t loose power.

    • Thank you so much, beeeze ^.^ no worries!!

      Oh, and I am sorry to hear about that huge ice storm coming and I really hope there will be no power outage as well plus Thunders scares me. Pls. pls. be safe and to everyone there.

    • It’s been raining for weeks now but it didn’t stop us to go w/ our outing. Of course, we expected sunshine and beautiful weather but it never happened, i thought it’s already super typhoon lol! But still, it was fun & unforgettable 😛

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