::About Me~♥::

.always choose to see the nice things, life is happier that way!

~Helloweee~!! ^q^ My name is ~Mau~, at home I am Lang ,I am *bebe* to my huni♥… he’s my marshmallow♥, my daily dose of Happiness & the ♥Love of my Life♥~ …. My friends call me *mau*, and for the closest♥ *mae*. I’m a godmother of 10 kids (as of 11th April 2010). I Love Kids and Babies♥. Being a Child @ Heart♥,  I enjoyed their company so much~!!

On my spare time or *most of the time* I listen to music♪.  I love listening to Chinese and all kinds of English songs as long as it’s not *ouchie* to the ears :p *Shania Twain* is one of my fave artist~…KC, Zhou Hua Jian, Wang Xin Ling, Jin Sha, Wang Ruo Lin, Wei Lan, Zhang Shao Han, FGP, Boyzone, westlife and many others…I♥ Jun Ji Hyun~!!..ever since i watched *My Sassy Girl*  I love ♪singing♪, really, i♥KTV and….dancing ( although am not good at it, but i can dance >.<) I don’t watch TV much like I used to…except for late night news and some  drama series 🙂 Loves comedy, action & suspense for movies.

I love to EAT, yeah ^^ sing & eat, talk & eat, and eat again….and again if there are more food sponsors ^.^ Blackpearl, Twisted Donuts and Cinnamon Bread are my tum’s bff♥!! And how could I forget McD♥, the reason for my rapid weight gain few yrs.ago as I used to eat there almost every night. ( thank you again, sponsors!)

A lot of people say that their first impression of me is *maldita* but once they get to know me, they find out otherwise. Some friends said that I have the look that’s pretty daunting (but I checked in my mirror, I’m not that scary at all!). I’m very loyal and Friendly. I always had fights with my emotional side because I’m so sensitive and I easily cry. I’m a *crybaby*… I am easily hurt. I am temperamental and moody (sometimes?) 😛

I’m a dreamer and I dream BIG! I personally love the quote [“ Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”] ~ James Dean*

I can be funny & humorous. I love to cheer up people and  I want to see their happy faces and make sure when they are w/ me, there’s never a dull moment. I’m usually interested in people and how they react to certain things. When I’m really in a good mood, like right now, I can be very Talkative, I mean *VERY*!!!!!!

( and wait, there’s more…)

I love the ~BEACH~ and everything about it. Spent my every birthday there since I was 21 ~☼ Love it cause’ I can relax, have fun and enjoy the views w/ my family & friends. I’m too fassssst* for the shot of the camera – show me a cam, and u’ll see me w/ my super smile and my undying peace* sign, ready~!!

…uhmm, what else? I am PINKaholic~!!♥♥♥~* anything ♥pink♥ pleases my eyes..Red & Purple are hawt ~ love them too ;p.. We have 2 pets at home, a Dog & a Cat ~ namely *Maui* ( we had him since he was a puppy and *Ming~ming*♥the lazy cat..~*

I guess that’s all i can tell you about myself…the rest you’ll have to figure out for urself ^q^. Xie Xie and Have Fun ~ Smile~!! Life is Good!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

We don’t have everything to enjoy life, but we have Life to enjoy everything. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that takes our breath away.”

Love,love, love,


138 responses to “::About Me~♥::

  1. yahoo and msn now works good with eachother if u can send me urs ^^…. but u dont go answer me if i talk with u there ??

    hehe i like their style ^^ and well i like rock hehe

  2. hehe its ok, someday who knows u start like.. so u like slow songs try listening BY2 – Don’t go away, Zi Jiao Ai and Adult World (that one is more agitated hehe, is a duo of twins girls, i love so much they, and well is chinese song ^^

    hehe her song is a little strange sometimes, but they starting to make the songs sound better now hehe, and her voice is not one of the bests but is cute a lot hehe

    i listem her radio show, take a try is really funny her normal voice and her laughting alone 😛

    • Yeah, who knows ^.^ ah, BY2 sounds familiar, i think they sung 我知道.. they’re good. I have so much fave artist in cpop♪… And for jpop..I think for now, only Erina & Amuro Namie :p and try to listen a little more..

      • i think im bottering u a lot hehe sorry if is true, only say ^^ and i stop hehe

        oh wait the name in chinese is bad for me know ahehhea i go put on youtube so to see… ok yah is one of the song from the twins :3 i love so much hehe

        oh so u can tell me some like BY2?? and looking u dont like rock, i think the most u like is singers like by2
        and i dont like boysband, but if its solo male singers is ok (much male voices together stay so strange ahaea)

        humm why u like more chinese songs ehhe e? u are chinese ?? (sorry i dont know if the pic on ur avatar is u hehe)

        humm u tryed morning musume (or H!P related groups) and akb48? is all girls band if u like

    • Hi again ^^ It’s ok..I think By2 sings well but not a fave of mine and I don’t hear so much about them or maybe I’m just behind their updates :p Ah, I like boybands 😀 but mostly english ones and solo’s are fine too as long as they sound good and has great & meaningful songs hehe 🙂

      …Oh, that’s me in my avatar. I don’t like using others pic to cover myself >.<

      Never heard of Morning Musume yet but heard akb48 from MB again…I see lots of akb related posts in her page but it confuses me cause they are too many to familiarize lol 😀

      • hi, sorry for the late answer… well so much later aheahe, little busy here ;~~

        hehe its ok, i really love how they started and know they stay shinning a lot in china ^^, i like groups where grows like this with theyr efforts and all this thigns ^^
        yah solos are great when the vocal and letters is good

        ehehe so u are beauty and cute ^^, and for the little we talked u look a sweet and docil girl ^^… aehahe in my case i dont like put info of me online heheh

        haha MB spreading the japanese songs hehe, haha have lot of girls me too stay a little lost sometimes 😛

    • Hello ^.^ It’s ok!

      I agree..there are just so many artists today and only stayed for a short time…I’m glad by2 still doing well in their careers.

      Oh no no no. I am not >.< But thank you :p

      Yeah, I can see how much she's into jpop~* and am thankful she's sharing it through her blog, that way we can all get in and understand the jpop world.. 😀

      • yah a little slow the grow up for the 2 but soon they start shine a lot more in china 😛

        haha yes u are and end of the case! aehahea

        haha yah asian music is cool, im not only listem jmusic but korean and chinese too

        so maybe i know more varieties than her hehe

        so what u has doing in ur weekend ??

    • Hi, Yeah~maybe i was just behind every updates about them so I don’t know much ^.^

      lol~end of the case:p I will not try to object hahaha!!

      That’s great! I think when U say U love music – It means ALL kinds..and not only on a specific genre.

      My weekend was fine 🙂 Just getting so much lazy lately and behind of updating my own blog 😦

      • hehe, well is a little hard see news about they in the net :\, the only place ir their blog but -.- i dont know chinese haeahea

        good ¬¬ haehaeha 😛

        hehe i love music but have some styles, where i really dont like, like rap and hiphop ahehaea, i really dont understand much the style ahehaea

        ahaha being lazy iss good ^^ i only have weekends to rest ^^ and normaly dont have much time to do much things :\

    • I don’t like rap much,but they can be fun in the ear sometimes… hip-hop is fine w/ me:p

      Sorry, I have been late in replying cause i was really feeling lazy to open WP 😛 and it has been raining a lot makes the day lazier~! I hope u get lots of rest on weekends 🙂

      • oks aheahea i get what u mean, normaly im lot lazy too aheahea

        and with rain, bah, dont need say nothing aheahea

        rain = stay in bed sleeping ahehaeha

        and dont worry im late answer too aheahea

  3. aeahehae so give me a medal \o/ ah eahea
    so i dont looked ur blog yet ;x so give me some directions what about u talk there ??

    i hope here rain a lot, stay need ^^

  4. hehe about everything, so im in the right place, the “about” part of ur blog aheaea

    hope u understand the joke 😛

    so u can tell me here things about u ??

    what u like do in the weekends ??

  5. here in the normal channels dont have much things to watch ahehaea, so i normaly never put on the tv, normaly watch things on pc… so donlwaded thing like japanese tv programs or movies and concerts

    so u dont get out with him in the weekends ^^?

    and luck u, u have someoen ^^

    • I see ^.^ Only in weekends i get to watch Variety Shows on local channels as well as Health programs too… Everything is already on PC :p

      Unfortunately, He’s not here yet 😀 But we get to talk everyday for almost 6hours and like 12hours on weekends 😛

      I believe eahc of us have someone to share life with, if not today , in the future so I’m sure U’ll have urs too~*soon ^.^

      • hahah, is more easy and better in the pc right :P?

        humm? not there? where him frim?

        hahah maybe yes maybe not ^^ who know?

        i means i dont go have , because im stayin old and i see the soon of my parents with 15 16 year all having this and me not haehaheha

    • Uhmm..i still prefer the TV ^.^

      I can’t tell much about my love♥life, which is too personal for me to discuss here ~ Hope u understand 🙂

      Yes, who knows…but I’m sure U’ll have urs soon ^.^It’s the most wonderful feeling to love and be loved~♥

      • hehehe ok u win 😛

        yah i understand, so u have an email to us talk about more persornal things… if u want ^^, i go like ^^, i have lot of things to talk about too ahehaeha

        yah maybe ^^ or not

      • hehe dont need thank me ^^

        maybe im or maybe not ^ ^… but i dont care more in stay alone ^^…someday who knows…

        i dont get why u and mb are so scare to give ur personal emails or get mine and send a msg ^^…

        but ok

      • Yeah, who knows? But staying alone is hard especially when ur getting older~*better someone w/u to take care of u 🙂

        Ah, I don’t really have problem in giving out emails..It’s just that too public here to post it and i don’t use email much so seldom open it..

  6. if someday i have someone who know nee ^^

    anyway i can post an other email of so there u can send me a msg and i use my personal mail to respond u hehe

    is u choice ^^

      • i staing old ahehahae dont know more

        humm maybe nothing much, only to we have more free space to talk about all the things aheaehae

        newarts2@yahoo.com.br is not my private mail, but send a msg there if u want, so i answer with my private mail ^ ^, and tell me here u sended the mail

      • i have 24 years ^^… and u ?? i make 25 in the end of the year

        is note the same email where the notifications of the WP go ?

  7. aheahea so u go remember mine ^^ is 25/12 ^^

    aheahea im asking because the msg go to spam box -.-”

    so i go addu on msn ok ^^?

  8. humm only my dad and mom go say something for me ^^ all the other ppl of my “family” dont remember im exist ^^

    humm i dont have friends ^^

    have something like 8 years that start to dont be so importante for me

  9. oh u dont like rock ??

    humm i like mostly of asian songs aehahea , but dont like rap, hiphopr or this things ahehae

    for movies, suspense and horror is my fav ones :p

    but have a little long time i dont watch nothing haehae

    i like see doramas, the oriental series too hehe

  10. aheahea

    like screaming?? this is new for me aheaheha

    i love horror and suspense aheahea
    the ones with spirits and this things

    i stay with lil time too :\

  11. wow, really watch it, is really an amazing dorama

    with lot of fights and strategy ideas in all parts, only the 3 or 4 firts episodes is a little slow, but after that wow hehe

    but in ur tv channel have doramas or a channel to this ? what the name of the channe ?

  12. so we need watch sometimes a movie together aheahea go be fun 😛

    and what u do in week days ? always i answer u u fast answer back hehe

    • hahaha, my bro doesn’t want me to be around while watching horror movies cause I scream a lot even when scenes are not really that scary 😛 But I don’t really scream if i am watching alone 😀 Before I watched 12 horror films in a day lol.. On weekdays, I work!

  13. aeaheah anyway look fun watch movie with u

    aehaeh yeh , when i have much time i do this things too

    now i work and study, and sometimes of weekends i go dedicate to learn 2 lenguages aheahea

    spr ?? what means ?

    • ^.^ Can be fun and annoying?!

      ..working and studying at the same time? IS it not difficult? How u manage ur time for school and work? Am sure lesser time to relax? Learning 2 languages, can be fun 😀

      *spr* it’s supervisor..:D

      • i think is more fun aheae, i go laught a lot haehaea
        seeing u not scream because u are scared of the movie aheahea

        yah, in the end of the week i stay a lot tired hehe, but my parents force me to do this ^^, i doont have choice hehe

        well i work in daytime, and univ in nite until 10:30 pm :~~ , week days normaly i dont stay much in home hehe

        yah the class for the 2 new languages i go start learn go be in the beggin of next year ^^ learn english(to speak more clearly) and mandarim

        this go occours in weekend hehe

        what u make as supervisor ? and of what ?

    • Hi again ^.^ It’s OK, no need to be sorry. I was out of town too, now back ^.^ I’m glad ur parents are very supportive w/ regards to education and u know it’s for ur own good.

      At work, most of time is sitting pretty ^.^ I supervised an establishment ( in Hotel services, to be exact).. ^.^

  14. yeh, but lets see go need wait 3 weeks yet, and hope i dont lost my job until there ^^

    humm hotel, looks good talk with lot of differents ppl ^^
    can i ask how much u get for the job per month??

    well i think ur about page have only we too talking haehaea, this is really ok ??

  15. haha sorry i forget lot of things when i stay a little time without talk with the ppl aheahea

    sorry sorry aheahea

    and yes is cute ^^

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