::Special Orientation Day 1::

Yes, special because it’s only for us, exclusive lol. I’ve attended such orientations before along w/ other companies so It’ll be boring…surely! And then I will be just like this kitty all day~~

bored kitty

And it’s 8th♥, cheers!!


Okay, it lasted like 8hours but actually fun ^.^ I hate to be talking in front of many but we all had to stand up in front and say something about this n that related to the orientation and it’s all filled w/ workshops in which everyone really learn. 🙂 And my most fave would be the *Happy* & *Sad* Moments workshop where we post those sad/happy faces on the wall ( as u can see below)

Like I’m really so busy snapping while everyone doing their workshop 🙂

~Baby Cua♥”: 新的除了我的第二個家~

Hellowee~*Everyone and I miss u all ^.^Hope u all had wonderful time welcoming the Rabbit Year! Here I am, happy, alive & well and will really try to catch up w/ u all 🙂

So last Friday, we finally decided to keep the puppy that was born at the exit 2 weeks ago. There were 3 of them. Unfortunately, 1 died. 1 was w/ her mom and kept by the owner and 1 w/ us – and we named her Baby Cua!

~baby cua~ day1

She’s really so cute ^.^ and everyone’s really taking time to take care of her despite the busy daily life and that includes me!! We’re feeding her milk  thru a baby feeding bottle and it was fun doing that like we’re taking care of a baby! I just missed my Maui♥ as he’s at home and we’re far..this puppy reminds me so much of him cuz of their spots.

And, She sleeps most of the time and today, her 4th day she became a lil hyper and just wanna walk & run around and fell asleep in corners lol 😛

I’m gonna post updates about our new puppy as much as I can, soon! Getting late, need some zzzzz~* 晚安 ^.^

Monday 可愛和笑聲~♥

Power has been off by morning for few hours and back this afternoon followed by on and off for few minutes which was so annoying…>.< The weather was hot and suddenly heavy rain poured..now it stopped @.@ Anyway, found this video of my godson and uploaded it the other day~* Happy Monday~!!

Baby Mic~Mic ~♥, Super laugh!