Family Day♥

I had the entire day spent w/ my family (well except for my younger bro who was left to take care of the store and my younger sis who’s on her Summer Classes).  I was too lazy to take pictures as  was really feeling so tired, but my bro was taking pix so hopefully I can grab some soon, when they are not busy anymore.. ^.^ We had a heavy lunch and had my fave♥ Halo~Halo!


And my niece, Zaki trying to take us a photo w/ my bro 😛


DSCN3024  DSCN3023

::Crossing the Hanging Bridge::

After the Gazebo fun, we went to the place where the Hanging Bridge is. It’s in the same city. Few days before Thursday, I’ve been trying to search a photo of this bridge as I’ve heard it’s really nice? I goggled and this was it …


44157336 29196292

Filled w/ excitements, we all ( no, a few of us- cuz others want to rest rather than going to the Bridge) went there! When we get to the pace, we were all running to the stairs going to the bridge and to my surprise, it was really long…and scary cause even a single person who walks on it, it swing and sways!! Everyone walked their way to the bridge to the other end while I am the last one to walk and so slow, while gripping on the sides lol – finally I got on the other end while they’re all there cheering and am so happy I made it  w/ all those big sweats on my face lol @.@

DSCN2863 DSCN2864


DSCN2866 DSCN2867


The Bridge is open to public so it’s normal to see people passing by and some even in bicycles! Some kids just run on it and that was really so scary when it’s swinging so much~!

DSCN2865 DSCN2873

DSCN2871 DSCN2875


Below the bridge is the river… The view from the right then left…↓↓↓

DSCN2883 DSCN2874


生日快樂 Shiela~!!!

Last night was my staff’s birthday and I’m so glad she liked the *My Melody* stuffed toy I gave her and of course, the Mocha Cake rolls! We also had dinner along w/ defiant and miming, then had some Double Dutch & Almond Choco Fudge Ice Cream! 🙂

March 14, 2011

Never in my life that I missed to have a cake for my birthday ( that includes candles! Yes, I still blow candles up to now) cause’ a birthday is not a birthday w/out it :P. So I tried to make sure that the people dearest to me can also have that same happiness that I felt every birthday – which is really a most special day in a person’s life ^.^

It’s a beautiful day today, weather’s good and it’s warm & windy~☼

Raining like crazy~!

Our outing yesterday was fun despite the bad weather. We’re so disappointed w/ the weather but we can’t just frown there the whole time. We also can’t just go around the place because some areas were slippery and we’re always reminded to be extra careful as an accident happened there last month. And yes, there are lots of rocks there – so rocky!! And, big rocks, u know 😛

So, there’s eating, others drinking… Playing w/ baby mic~mic ^. ^ And like everyone had their moment of slipping everywhere lol. Lucky ME!! Yeah, I was just sitting somewhere and busy w/ my fone♥.

One time, the rain stopped, we all went out for pictures and u know it’s always better when there’s a sunlight and blue sky and will make the sea really nice!! Of course, the place is nice, but so nicer in good weather! After that moment, here comes the heavy rain again and we’d run back to out cottage. Rain didn’t stop until we left the place, in fact, worst!

And worst today, as it’s so windy and it’s already flooding in streets. Hope this Low Pressure will go away and weather will be much nicer soon!!