Monday 可愛和笑聲~♥

Power has been off by morning for few hours and back this afternoon followed by on and off for few minutes which was so annoying…>.< The weather was hot and suddenly heavy rain it stopped @.@ Anyway, found this video of my godson and uploaded it the other day~* Happy Monday~!!

Baby Mic~Mic ~♥, Super laugh!

看看誰的轉折點 3 !!!

Zaki♥ turns 3!

Photos (below) taken June 27th, 3 days before Zaki's birthday♥, while today, they are back in their home in Cebu^^after their almost 2 months vacation at home~*



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Beach Day : Cean’s Birthday!!

Sunday was Cean's 2nd Birthday and we go w/ them to the Beach.


Zaki and Cean had lots of fun!!!





And spotted a little girl bathing on the shore…

We also went to the rocky area of the place…




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~εїз~Friday cute♥ness! ~εїз~

Happy Friday! ^q^ First, I would like to thank Freedom for loving my banner which is just so adorable♥. And i want to share more about it and the person behind it is none other than *Anne Geddes*. Of course, many thanks to my all~time favorite wallpaper site♥in where there are tons of wonderful and so impressive collections of wallpapers from different types of photography and illustrations in which i enjoyed watching for few years now.


Anne Geddes is one of the most respected and successful professional photographers in the world. Her award-winning photographs of babies and flowers have become classic icons celebrating birth and life that now grace a range of bestselling books, calendars, greeting cards, stationery, photo albums, and many other fine products.


A few of these precious collections are just below, enjoy~!! 🙂






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~Dunkin’ Donuts Day~

It's Dunkin Donuts Day today (June 19)! Every year, Dunkin Donuts is giving away free donuts to kids ages 3 to 12 years old, including me hehehe. I used to be always present during this event along w/ some kids ^^ as i am a dunkin' donut lover♥!

Available nationwide @! ^q^

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Friday Morning w/ Baby Mic~Mic♥

Time passes by so quickly, that we did not noticed ^^ I was so happy this morning to see my 10th godson *Baby Mic~Mic♥ who will be turning 4 months this coming June 15th.. He grew up so fast ^^ so cute in a rasta cap?
And this Tiger baby♥boy, always make the this cutest shock~like expression 😛

Happy Friday! ^_~

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~Babysitting a Doll♥~

My friend arrived from other city came here and told me he'll leave his baby w/ me to take care of for a while….. Amazed and wondered since when did he became a *dad*…still, so excited as i really love babies♥… only to find out when he grabbed this doll from his bag :))))))


But we did took care of it hehehehe ^q^ But since it's breakable, we just put it somewhere safer..One more thing, i wonder why this doll won't close his mouth @.@ Maybe he wants to be fed all the time!

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