Updates…and my new♥umbrella in Yellow~~

Hello and Happy Weekend~!!! It’s been so long, and am so sorry for being so delinquent in updating my blog. I was just really so lazy these days, well , for almost a month! I’m doing good and Hope everyone,too! I’ve missed u all, my WP friends and hoping to catch up w/ ur blogs as well… (^.^)v




Good Morning Everyone~!! .. zen me dou shi ni jin tian hao ma??! ^.^ So far no appointments and outings today so really hoping to get lots of rests. Bed, TV, food and lots of Zzzzzzz. I really, really need it.  So I’ll just wish u all have a fun-filled and relaxing Sunday~!! ..and SMiLe 🙂


That Sashimi….

..like it’s still in my throat! Argghh…


Anyways..zao shang hao ^.^ another day of stressing my head on so many things , physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.etc… Don’t worry, I can still manage to smile 🙂 And hope everyone’s doing great!

Julia was here earlier while we’re having breakfast. She is sick for like 5 days now and they’ll be going to the hospital for a check-up. I hope she’ll feel really better soon.  Despite her feeling so weak,  she was still able to ask us if she still look pretty or not anymore.

Yesterday was 1/11/11 – anyone got lucky? Was it really a lucky day? My birthday this year is also 11/1/11 😛 But some says, 11/11/11 is most truly lucky?.. Hmmm..