Life ~ is a piece of cake –

Life is full of uncertainties. We'll never know when out time on earth is up till its over. So take many pics, laugh much, take time to look up the stars, sing loudly, feel the cold wind, smile a lot ^_^ , and love like you've never been hurt. Cause every 60 seconds u spend is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

The Birthday cake – ^_^ I bought it for my father – it was yummy ~


Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Ketsana (locally knows as T.S. Ondoy ) leaves the country, sunday w/ 73 dead and hundreds of thousand of families were affected. I was so shocked w/ this news last nite. I had a busy weekend and didn't had the chance to even watch TV or ask people what's going on in Manila. This weekend we had a beautiful weather that we got no idea there is already a storm in the country. When i was back home last night, and turned on TV – the regular programs were cut to give way for the telethon aired. And there, i found out the news – i was so outdated 😦 – I asked some friends who lived and worked there – and thankful they are doing fine. I remembered it was 1999 when a tropical storm also hit our dear floating city – and from school, we go to the bridge and watch the river and we can see only the rooftops of those houses near the river. Downtown was so much affected w/ the flooding – Luckily, our house back then, is on part of the city, which is more elevated so we r not so affected w/ floods knee level- still bad) . But that isn't as worst as what Ketsana did –

floodsTropical Storm Ondoy

– click here for more photos –

*The weather here today is windy – trees are swaying ~ and its past 12 noon …

That's all for today – Zai jian !

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