Moi~Moi : Fun Times and a close encounter w/ a minpin and Magnifico!


DSC01575 DSC01572

DSC01583 DSC01584


DSC01591 DSC01594 DSC01588 DSC01590 

DSC01597 DSC01592

And this is the puppy who passed by here every afternoon, and I think he likes moi-moi, but she likes to run away from him >.<

DSC01603 DSC01604

And here’s the visitor puppy…Magnifico*!


DSC01605 was so curious about her! * ^.^



Puppy not feeling well :(

Our dearest baby cua has not been feeling well for 2 days now. They took her to the Vet yesterday and she said she’ll be fine and gave them some smp 500 tablets and said it’ll be given to puppy if she’s still don’t feel well in next few days. She’s been sleeping most of the time and getting tinier~ as she don’t really like to eat and even drink milk 😦