Friday Morning w/ Baby Mic~Mic♥

Time passes by so quickly, that we did not noticed ^^ I was so happy this morning to see my 10th godson *Baby Mic~Mic♥ who will be turning 4 months this coming June 15th.. He grew up so fast ^^ so cute in a rasta cap?
And this Tiger baby♥boy, always make the this cutest shock~like expression 😛

Happy Friday! ^_~

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可愛 Baby E~ra♥ ^.^

*I LOVE♥BABIES*~!! And speaking of that, i saw this so cute baby this morning. Her name is Baby *Era* am not sure of the spelling, but how her dad said it, sounds like Eera – maybe it's Eera? Haha, well doesn't matter. She is so cute, i told her mom ( i dunno her actually) if i can borrow it for while while they go around the building. So less time, i got a few snaps of her ^q^ she's a happy baby~ and only 7 months old. At first, i thought she's 1 year old something… She's a bit heavy, as my arms are ouchie carrying her ^q^ but i had so much fun playing w/ her.


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♥~Just A Cloud Away~♥

We were all saddened today as Baby ♥Joshanne Marie♥ passed away ~ for more of a personal reason i will not be discussing more details about it.. the baby who was born few days ago was taken so soon 😦


"While we were dreaming of your baby ways

God was planning your heavenly days

While we wept when we we're alone

God rejoiced because you were home".



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